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Our registered office is at 48, Grafton Street, Manchester, M13 9XX and Our registered number is 03278630. You can contact Us by email at  HYPERLINK "mailto:info@umic.co.uk" info@umic.co.uk or by telephone on +44 (0) 161 606 7200. The website to which these terms and conditions apply and for which We are responsible is  HYPERLINK "http://www.umic.co.uk" http://www.umic.co.uk We do not form part of the University of Manchester and are a separate legal entity in our own right.  HYPERLINK \l "top" top Your use of this website and Our intellectual property rights We have made this website available to you for your use. We may modify, withdraw or deny access to this website at any time. This website and all the materials contained in it are protected by intellectual property rights, including copyright, and either belong to Us or are licensed to Us to use. 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