bloomtrigger October Update

bloomtrigger returns from Brazil 

It seems like a very long time ago now, but early in October I returned from Brazil after a research trip that involved journeying into the heart of the Amazon to visit the Xixuaú reserve located 450Km northwest of Manaus. I was fortunate to have bloomtrigger’s lead environmental consultant Rosana Della Méa to translate for me, otherwise I might still be trying to find my way back out of the rainforest. Rosana is a Brazilian national, which comes in handy when travelling to such remote and isolated places where the local population only speak Portuguese.  

You can read all about our experiences during the 10 days we spent in the Amazon in a three part series that I posted on the bloomtrigger blog…

*Arriving in the Amazon… Part 1
*Life with the community of Xixuaú… Part 2
*Leaving the Amazon… Part 3 

Support in Brazil

The second half of our time spent in Brazil took us to the cities of Curitiba and Florianópolis to meet with Brazilian organisations that could support bloomtrigger’s efforts in Brazil. As a result we are pleased to have the endorsement and specialist support from Global Sustainable Strategy (GSS) and CarbonoBrasil.   


The team behind GSS specialise in offering companies bespoke solutions to managing their carbon footprint. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to carbon and forestry projects and will be an influential resource when looking to Brazil.

CarbonoBrasil are focused on improving communication and research into new environmentally sustainable technologies. Their dedicated team of specialists will be helping to advise bloomtrigger on all matters relating to the Brazilian market.

Bloomtrigger sets out its new web presence


This past week we launched a timely redesign of to coincide with the launch of the bloomtrigger project’s Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn pages. We also have a Portuguese (Brazilian) translation page under construction for all our new supporters in Brazil.

Please take a moment to check out the new site, we would welcome any feedback on it. Also be sure to follow us by clicking on the links below and perhaps go one step further and invite some friends on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn that you think would be interested in ‘the bloomtrigger project’.


The next step for bloomtrigger. Start small... think BIG!

We are currently developing a prototype website specifically for our schools strategy. We are planning to run a trial project in up to 5 primary schools, which will include the support of 10 local businesses. The money raised from this ‘mini’ bloomtrigger will enable all of the children involved the opportunity to protect their own small part of the rainforest. The purpose of this trial is to establish a ‘proof of concept’ and from there we can look to secure the necessary investment to expand our model to a wider audience.

For further information contact James Sutton:

James Sutton – Founder & Director

e:      m: 07872 581769      t: 01565 632422