Ai2 - Case Study


Ai2 Ltd. is a biotechnology company based in Manchester that specialises in developing novel anti-infective peptide coatings for medical devices. Ai2’s peptide technology is based on a region of the human protein Apolipoprotein E found to have anti-microbial activity. Due to this origin Ai2’s technology combines an excellent safety profile with potent efficacy against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and virus.

Healthcare-associated infections are a costly problem both in financial terms and, more importantly, in terms of patient lives and well-being. Medical devices can become contaminated with pathogenic microbes and act as a nidus of infection in the patient. Ai2’s anti-infective peptide technology aims to prevent these infections by protecting the device from such contamination.

Ai2 Ltd. was founded by Dr. Curtis Dobson and based on research carried out at the University of Manchester. Incorporated in 2005 Ai2 Ltd. is based in state-of-the-art laboratories on the University campus. The company combines a strong R&D team, which comprises half of Ai2 staff, with an experienced management team.

Ai2 Ltd. was voted North West Biotechnology Company of the Year for 2005 and has received substantial investment and grant income to develop its technology. This has included a £250 thousand investment from UMIP Premier Fund managed by MTI, EC Framework 6 funding worth $3.5 million as part of the NPARI consortium and a NWDA GRAND grant of £100 thousand. Ai2 is currently engaged in discussions with leading healthcare and medical device companies in Europe and the US.