Cellular Therapeutics Limited

Cellular Therapeutics Ltd will facilitate the delivery of the next generation of cellular therapies…..


At Cellular Therapeutics, the strategy is to develop the technology of cellular therapy manufacturing so it can be applied on a routine basis to large numbers of patients.

Who are cellular therapeutics…..

The company have built upon the expertise of researchers who have successfully undertaken scientific and clinical research at the University of Manchester within the Research Group of Professor Robert Hawkins.  The group is a leader in the field of Cellular Therapy of Cancer having successfully provided cell products for several complex clinical trials involving: cell selection, gene therapy, expansion of patient derived cells.

What do cellular therapeutics do…..

Using clean room free technology developed specifically for the processes of cell therapy, Cellular Therapeutics has the capability to produce individualised cell therapy products in a cost effective and high throughput manner.

Target Clients…..

Academic or commercial groups who require genetically engineered, or natural Cell Therapy products to be manufactured for human application. 

Cellular Therapeutics Ltd has particular expertise in adoptive immune cell therapy for cancer, but the general field has wide application and the methodology and expertise of the company is more broadly applicable.

What can cellular therapeutics offer to customers…..

The largest barrier to taking cutting edge cell based therapies into clinical trials is the regulatory requirements for manufacturing cell based medicinal products. This constantly evolving field requires considerable investment and experience to be negotiated safely and hence the services that Cellular Therapeutics Ltd can provide.

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