Euprotec - Your partner in anti-infective R&D

Euprotec accelerates anti-infective drug discovery and development through the provision of a specialised and comprehensive range of contract research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer healthcare sectors.

In addition to compound screening services, Euprotec enables access to a range of specialised assays and models, not available elsewhere, to aid the characterisation and optimisation of new antimicrobial agents.  Through its expertise and unique capabilities Euprotec can help rapidly identify and progress candidate anti-infective agents towards the market.  

With a rapidly growing and national and international client base, Euprotec has established itself as a leading Contract Research Organisation in the anti-infective therapeutic area.


Significant challenges to public healthcare arising from drug resistant bacteria, such as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, are widely recognised. The antibacterial market is extensive, both in terms of disease area as well as different drug classes used to treat infections, with the antibacterial drug market generating revenues of over $36 billion in 2007 (Business Insights 2009). 

The over subscription of antibiotics, particularly in hospitals has helped cause a steep rise in the rates of bacterial resistance. Existing antibiotics are no longer effective in all cases and treatment options for certain microorganisms have become scarce, particularly with the Gram negatives such as Acinetobacter and Pseudomonas sp.

The market for infection related disorders is set to become increasingly challenging as the ability of bacteria to readily evade any form of established therapy remains a constant threat in antimicrobial treatment. Pathogens that are resistant to one or more classes of antibiotics are emerging and spreading worldwide and the treatment for these and other emerging infections must be achieved through the development and use of more effective and novel antibiotic therapies.

The resultant shift in R&D strategies has become a driving force behind market transformation, with many manufacturers now focused on developing drugs to counter resistance. There is now a real and growing concern that the current treatment armoury will not suffice and therefore larger numbers of companies are turning to the discovery and development of new therapies for infectious diseases.

Euprotec is well equipped to work with its growing number of Pharma and Biopharmaceutical partners to tackle the growing challenges faced in the discovery and development of antimicrobial agents.


Euprotec understands the need for access to cost-effective and high quality services with fast turnaround times. Its capabilities and resources enable a rapid progression of early stage compounds and later stage investigational drugs through the drug development pipeline, providing high quality data to support ongoing research programs and regulatory filings. 

Our services include:

·        In vitro whole-cell screening (hit finding) against micro-organisms

·        Microbiology and susceptibility testing

·        ADMET and PK profiling

·        Detailed pharmacological and efficacy characterisation of antimicrobial agents

·        Consultancy to assist in the transition from discovery to clinical trial

 Key to Euprotec’s offering is the construction of bespoke and individually-tailored assays and models essential for client drug development enabling clients to rapidly select, prioritise and progress candidate compounds during drug discovery activities. 

 A core component of Euprotec is the StrainBank resource that brings together a very large, and growing, collection of clinical isolates as well as highly characterised type strains.  We can screen developmental agents against a broad range of bacteria associated with hospital and community infections, in addition to those organisms which are highly resistant to current marketed antibacterial agents.

 The services are performed by a highly experienced team led by the scientific founder, Dr Peter Warn, an expert in the field with many years experience in the discovery and successful development of anti-infective agents. 


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