Gentronix - Genotoxicity screening assays for drug discovery


Gentronix provides services and solutions that help companies optimize the development of drugs and other chemicals, by reducing rates of attrition due to genotoxicity and ensuring safer products are progressed faster to market.  Their primary focus is on providing better hazard identification assays for genotoxicity through the use of their patented human cell reporter assays GreenScreen HC and BlueScreen HC.  In addition Gentronix provides out-sourced services for genotoxicity testing and a wide range of other predictive toxicity endpoints.  Reducing attrition rates is critical to increasing the success of the drug discovery and development process. Identifying genotoxic liability early allows precious resources to be directed towards compounds more likely to advance to candidate selection and on to clinical evaluation.

Gentronix was established at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology by Professor Richard Walmsley in 1999.  The investors include angel investors, NVM Private Equity Ltd, YFM and the UMIP Premier Fund.  Gentronix science is internationally recognized in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries and is supported by global suite of patents.

Over 65 companies, in 15 countries, in the pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and consumer care product markets are deploying Gentronix’s GreenScreen human cell assay.  In early 2009 Gentronix announced important deals with GlaxoSmithKline plc and US-based contract research organization Apredica.  As a result of these and other deals in the pipeline, Gentronix confidently predicts a strengthening portfolio, turnover and customer base.