Intellicig is a leading electronic cigarette brand which researches, manufactures and distributes smoking alternative products worldwide.  Set up in 2008, the company’s major investment began with intensive research and development on tobacco free smoking.

Intellicig's mission is to produce the safest, cleanest and most reliable products on the market and it is this longstanding commitment which has enabled the company to get to where they are today.

By working in partnership with the University of Manchester Incubator Company (UMIC), Intellicig has access to state-of-the-art laboratories fully accredited for bioscience and biotech developments and in-house mentoring and professional services.

Intellicig has already invested heavily in producing their own brand of nicotine liquid (‘e-liquid’) right here in the UK, the only company currently doing so.

The liquid, Intellicig ECOpure, has been perfected through intensive research, testing and stringent quality control and is distinct from their competitors, who use e-liquid imported from abroad containing unmonitored chemicals.

By running on ECOpure alone, a mix of just the four ingredients ethyl maltol, glycerol, deionised water and nicotine, Intellicig becomes a healthier smoking alternative that allows smokers to again enjoy the freedom to smoke in public places and, most importantly, free themselves from the proven life-threatening dangers of smoking tobacco.

A report conducted by Salford University proved the ingredients used in Intellicig’s e-liquid have a minimum purity of 99%, a figure that end users can trust.

Taking up residence in the 86,500 square feet UMIC laboratory will enable the company to further develop their nicotine solution by performing their own clinical trials on the products.

Intellicig has already registered £1 million in sales worldwide, is available in every pharmacy in Greece and has become the subject of a lower insurance premiums deal in South Africa.

As part of a nationwide health kick campaign, Intellicig is the only electronic cigarette company to be given the official seal of approval by the Egyptian Government to sell its products in all of the 30,000 pharmacies in Egypt.

Intellicig is now rolling products out into the UK market through an exclusive deal with sales and distribution experts Innzone Ltd who work closely with major newspaper wholesalers Menzies Distribution and Smiths News to get upcoming products on the shelves in convenience stores.


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