Global deforestation is a vast and complex issue.

bloomtrigger aims to be one small, yet essential part of the solution.

Q. How to engage the millions of individuals who feel so far removed from this problem and powerless to have any meaningful influence to affect it?

Our answer is to create a bloomtrigger!


What bloomtrigger is...

bloomtrigger is a creative, non-profit organisation, which will create a revolutionary model for fundraising.

A mechanism designed to harness the very latest social and technological trends in order to engage the creativity of the digital generation.

The bloomtrigger project will be the first of a series of projects...

  • will generate £100 million.
  • will protect 1 million hectares of the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet.
  • a vast, global creative project for the 21st Century.
  • creating the biggest collaboration of digital art ever.


bloomtrigger’s long-term objectives…

bloomtrigger will use its innovative approach to raise awareness of global deforestation from Primary school level up.

The aim is to create a brand that individuals can easily identify with. We will have shared values based on honesty, transparency and a grassroots quality.

Those who choose to become a part of the project will form ‘the bloomtrigger generation’. We will build a loyal following, resulting in over 3 million individuals and 300,000 companies by the successful completion of the first bloomtrigger project.

Once the first bloomtrigger proves successful, it will become a beacon for future generations to replicate.


To find out more about bloomtrigger contact below or visit the website…

James Sutton – Founder & Director

e:      m: 07872 581769      t: 01565 632422

a: Yew Tree Farm, Bexton Lane, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 9BH, United Kingdom.