Sri Forensics

SRi Forensics Ltd is part of the UMIC HiTech SME portfolio and has been based in the BioIncubator on Grafton Street since 2008.
( has become an invaluable resource when investigating and preparing cases for trial. The company's consultants have vast experience of the judicial process both in the UK and Abroad.

SRi Forensics are highly regarded as an independent forensic company specialising in the analysis of forensic images and documents for the Police and legal services. The company assists in complex cases by producing effective court presentation material and giving evidence as expert witnesses.

SRi Forensics provide a professional service whilst delivering novel approaches to displaying evidence, using the latest technology to produce innovative solutions to complex cases.

The company aim to make complex information easier to understand by communicating via a variety of graphical imagery.

Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) Services offered include –

  • - Major incident graphical guides
  • - Event mapping
  • - Immersive crime scene reconstruction
  • - Injury photo representation
  • - Forensic Photography
  • - Illustrated Expert witness reports

Interactive Trial Presentations are easy-to-use, bespoke packages, which encapsulate the various strands of evidence into a single digital application to create an effective case that retains the juror's attention so the important points of each case will not be lost.

SRi Forensics aim to deliver the best possible evidence presentation by providing innovative approaches to displaying information using the latest technology.

Past Cases include-

  • The Rhys Jones Murder Investigation
  • Pablo Ibar, Death Row Appeal Case - Miami, Florida, USA
  • Sheffield Postcode Murder – Gang violence
  • Operation Bracco - Counter Terrorism Investigation
  • Operation Baguette - Counter Terrorism Trial
  • Cockle Pickers Tragedy at Morecombe Bay

“I would like to commend and thank those who were responsible for the presentation of the evidence by electronic means which made clear and concise presentation a reality rather than a dream, and I express the thanks of the court in particular to Mr. Sean Murphy.” HIS HONOUR JUDGE GOLDSTONE, Q.C. REGINA - V - ABDUL RAHMAN Thursday, 22nd November, 2007

Sri Forensics are based in UMIC's state-of-the-art research and development incubator building which combines business support, and the latest in office and laboratory facilities.

Contact us by post at:
Manchester Incubator Building
48 Grafton Street
M13 9XX

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