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XCellR8 works with industrial and academic scientists, providing technical support services in cell culture technology.  The company offers contract research services for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and personal care companies (in vitro testing and toxicology screening), cell culture training for laboratory researchers (commercial and public sector), and technical support services for cell culture scientists.

Formed in 2008 following the founders’ successful commercial careers in cell culture in both industrial and academic settings, XCellR8 is based in UMIC’s Core Technology Facility building.

XCellR8 was established to address an unmet need for fast, informed and effective technical support in cell culture science.  They enhance the smooth running of cell culture laboratories by providing independent, impartial support and troubleshooting advice across a range of technologies. 

Customers benefit from a comprehensive technical support package spanning all of their applications, preventing costly project delays.  XCellR8's specialist expertise in cell culture, including a range of human primary cell systems and tissue models, enables them to provide customers with bespoke specialist contract research services and technical support tailored to fit individual needs. Furthermore, XCellR8's  testing strategies help customers comply with new legislation including the 7th Amendment of the European Cosmetics Directive and REACH.


* In vitro toxicology screening and contract research

Specialising in cell culture contract research, XCellR8 is committed to R&D excellence. The company will provide rapid, high-quality validated results for integration into individual R&D processes, whether the business is drug discovery or cosmetic formulation.

With validated and approved screening methods, XCellR8 can support projects of any size – from proof of concept, toxicology screening and pre-clinical studies. The company will support customers' R&D with our wide range of in vitro tools including 3D human models of skin, cornea, blood vessels & other tissue types.

* Cell culture techniques and laboratory training

Customers want to establish good practice and cost efficiencies across aboratory operations, whatever the level of operation.

XCellR8's short courses for cell scientists and laboratory researchers span a range of needs – from basic cell culture techniques to highly advanced and complex systems training including bioreactor productivity and 3D tissue models. The company can run courses at their own labs in Manchester or on customer's premises – whatever works best for that individual. 

* Independent technical support for cell culture R&D

XCellR8 provide unrivalled and comprehensive cell culture technical support – independent, impartial, and based on their extensive knowledge of all cell culture products.  The company's technical support saves time, money and avoids project delays.  XCellR8 also help customers set up cell culture labs ‘from scratch’, helping with equipment selection, lab design and staff training.

XCellR8 have worked with most commercial cell products and thus their experience runs broad and deep. If clients' want rapid, professional and independent advice, contact XCellR8 to find out more about their technical support packages, including ‘kick start’ technical support providing a fast and reliable way to get new primary cell culture processes up and running.

* Cell culture product sales

XCellR8 supply R&D needs with a carefully selected range of high-quality culture products including primary human cells, human skin models, growth factors, reagents and serum-free media.

From tissue models to a range of cell types including keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes, endothelial and smooth muscle cells – the company can supply the right products for inividual needs. For more information on our products please visit www.x-cellr8.com/Products.aspx



Dr Carol Barker, Managing Director

XCellR8 Ltd

Core Technology Facility, 46 Grafton Street

Manchester M13 9NT

t:  + 44 (0) 845 258 1684

e:  carol.barker@x-cellr8.com