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3 Sheep Ltd

3 Sheep Ltd3 Sheep is the Rosetta Stone of the Digital World, translating technology into business opportunity. We guide our clients to success in their Digital Ambitions. 3 Sheep preserves brands and delivers a coherent identity across the digital platforms. For our clients we are the navigators of uncharted territory offering great wealth.T: 0161 408 6626 W: www.3sheep.co.uk

168 Technology

168 Technology     From software to servers, networks to niggles, 168 Technology can service all of your I.T. needs. Our growing team in Manchester already serve over 350 businesses in the Northwest, providing a wide range of I.T. solutions and support services to hundreds of happy customers. Our friendly, MCSE certified technicians can design, install and set-up new networking equipment quickly and efficiently. Or perhaps you just want to configure, maintain or repair your exist


AI2 Ltd Ai2 is an award-winning company, committed to the development of innovative technology to prevent infection on a wide range of commonly used medical devices like urinary catheters, stents and wound dressings. Their products are proprietary human protein-like substances which safely and cost-effectively inhibit bacteria, fungi and viruses. The treatments are fully compatible with manufacturing methods in this sector. Ai2's humanized cationic peptides are available for exclusive licen

Binary Box (The)

Binary Box (The)    We specialize in Wall Stickers here at The Binary Box and are one of the original manufacturers of modern and contemporary Wall Decals, Wall Tattoos, Wall Art, Wall Transfers and more. Our ever growing exclusive range of high quality, exciting and stylish wall art stickers offer a unique solution to brighten up your bedroom, living room, office and even your bathroom. Our designs can help create a subtle finishing touch to a room or create a talking point and bring


BiOxyDyn BiOxyDyn is a company specialising in the development and application of new diagnostic imaging tools and imaging services. Their portfolio of technologies and capabilities includes imaging tools to improve the understanding of lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. BiOxyDyn are also active in the development of new imaging tools for oncology and neuroscience.    http://bioxydyn.co.uk/   

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