Broadstone Mill

On 28th May 2004, DTZ Pieda Consulting were commissioned, by Stockport Council on behalf of the Stockport Economic Alliance, to undertake a study to explore the feasibility of developing incubation in Stockport. The aim was ‘to encourage tomorrow’s industries to locate to and develop in Stockport, with a view of creating ongoing employment and training opportunities. This is hoped to be achieved by creating an environment which ‘enables people to use resources based in or connected with Stockport.’

As a result of two years feasibility testing, capacity building and fundraising, Stockport Business Incubator CIC is now active in the award winning Houldsworth Village renewal area.

The Broadstone Mill-based incubator provides solutions through its various services to support incubating companies in Stockport and spin-outs from the University. Incubator tenant firms are drawn primarily from technology, internet, media and creative sectors. Along with local networks and UMIC expertise, the incubator will increasingly create a concentrated environment of guidance, technical assistance and transfer of know-how to both new and existing businesses.

Its state-of-the-art physical infrastructure enables tenants to access reliable and secure telecommunications and quality office space. The structured relationship and access to dedicated Stockport Council-funded business support and UMIC’s links to University research and development, training, graduate resources, venture capital funding and financial expertise, provides an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, enterprising academics and their businesses.

UMIC has established a policy for moving businesses on from the incubation scheme in order to provide space for others including:

  • establishing at the outset expectations that the incubation period will be time limited typically ranging from six to 24 months - discussed with each tenant business when they join the incubator
  • identifying clear links with managed work space and follow-on space in the immediate area or wider borough

The following enterprise development route has been established at Houldsworth Village to provide a structured route to high growth for companies.

The incubator will enable Houldsworth Village to deliver higher Gross Value Added (GVA) through the creation, development and retention of competitive, high-value and profitable businesses within a culture of enterprise and innovation. The strategic importance of an incubator within the Stockport area offers the chance to link closely with other incubation units and managed workspaces within Greater Manchester and offer significant opportunities for potential incubatees, whilst local communities will benefit from economic growth and opportunities. 

For further information please contact:
Jill Playfair, Operations Manager
0161 918 6791